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Why does our team smile a lot?

I never ever imagined that working at Snappy Salads would be such a great experience.”  - Brandy A.

"This is the only restaurant I have worked for where I believe in 100% of the product I am selling." - Chris P.

We have very high standards and work hard when we’re here, but the work-life balance is the best in the industry.” – Brad T.

"My favorite thing about working at Snappy Salads is that we're leaving the world healthier than we found it. From our fresh produce to our environmentally green restaurants, the strides our company makes towards planetary health gives us pride." - Julian V.

Don't you want to work where people smile and enjoy what they do? Do you want to work where you know you’re making a difference? Do you like working with other people who share a common purpose? 

At Snappy Salads, you’ll enjoy walking into work each day because you're part of a happy team. You'll appreciate that your fellow team members and supervisors are there for you. We’ll give you the training and support to perform your job well. 

"I belong here" is a phrase we hear all the time. We are a people-first company. We strive to create a safe and positive environment for everyone. We like to give you recognition for what you do to make our guests' dining experience so good that they want to come back again tomorrow. 

We are a team with a mission to leave this world healthier than the way we found it.  Better-for-you food, sustainable building materials, and compostable packaging are just a few ways we’re committed to this purpose.  

In addition to being appreciated, our team receives:

    + Paid time off, not to mention we aren't open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and July 4th

    + Free food that tastes great and is great for you

    + $20 credit towards non-slip shoes

    + Opportunity to earn $10 speed and smile bonuses each shift

    + Company-provided Food Handler’s Certification

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for 25-30 hours per week. Many of our team members are either in school, balancing being a parent, or have a second job. Our typical shift is 5 hours long and either starts at 9:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. We're not open early nor are we open late.

All we ask from you is that you share your smile and hospitality heart with our guests. We wear jeans, listen to music, serve great people, and get to eat unbelievable great food for free.  If you love the restaurant business but are tired of clocking in and out, apply today.  

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