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Eco-Loyal: Our Commitment to Sustainability

For us, it's all about leaving the world healthier than when we found it. That means a variety of efforts on our part...tables made from salvaged wood,  countertops from recycled materials (porcelain, beer and wine bottles) and energy-efficient lighting. Our cups, utensils, and take-out containers are made from compostable annually renewable resources, and our straws are made out of paper. 

Being eco-loyal is who we are.

Cups & Straws

Offering Paper Straws Since Before It was Cool 

2014 to be exact. We partnered with the first U.S. manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable straws to help save the ocean from million of straws over the last several years. 

Renewable Corn Cups Only Feel Like Plastic 

Our drinking cups are made from PLA, a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources, 100% U.S. grown corn. These have been in place since the very first day we opened in March 2006. It was a commitment made even before the first salad was sold.  

Countertops & Tables

Upcycled Counters to Top It All Off

Our countertops are from a local Dallas company and made from a combination of recycled brown beer bottles, green wine bottles, white porcelain, and shiny mirrors. Like a snowflake, each counter is unique. 

Tables Older Than Our Country

Our Las Colinas gathering tables are made from salvaged wood that is over 450 years old. Just think of all the history these tables have witnessed. Each location doesn't have trees from the 1600's, but something similar for sure. And not to leave out the stools...they're made from the same salvaged material.

Even Our Water is Committed

Our water is captured, filtered rainwater that is sourced from Buda, Texas. It’s the most naturally pure water on the market packaged in a biodegradable bottle and sent just a few miles up I-35.