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Whaddaya got to lose?

Whaddaya got to lose?

How many times have we said, “This is the year! I’m going to stick to my diet?” And then a few weeks later we’re back to eating just like we did before our big proclamation.  We know, we’ve been there, it’s tough. We’re so accustomed to our routine and habit that it’s difficult to switch “cold turkey.”  Then, when we revert to our old routine, we get down in the dumps because we failed again – eventually giving up.  And then 2020 comes around.

Knowing that big changes to our routine often don’t stick, make a smaller one.  How about this?  Instead of setting a weight-loss goal, try a different tactic. We’ll call it “a reduction strategy.” Let’s say you currently eat a salad once a week as a main course. Make your goal to eat two salads a week as a main course replacing one of the less nutritious meals you typically eat. Or, if you consume a sugary drink more than once a day. Count the number you drink and cut it in half replacing it with unsweetened iced tea or water. Once you get comfortable with your new habit, reduce again, and again until you are eating what makes you feel good about yourself.  It takes some people a year to get to where they want to be so don’t get discouraged.  The journey starts with a first step.

Oh, and although exercise is really good for your health, start with your diet. Make eating better a priority because once you get that in place, everything else is much easier.

When you eat better you feel better.  When you feel better, you look better, and when you look better, you do things right.

We’re here for you.