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Tasty Safety

We want you to feel confident when ordering from Snappy Salads - our number one priority continues to be the well-being of our communities. Since April, we've been practicing heightened efforts for guest and team safety:

1) Team Member Health Evaluation: All Team Members are required to sign a log before each shift and answer the health-related questions to ensure they are safe to begin work. Any Team Member who cannot honestly answer “no” to all the questions on the log, who has an elevated temperature above 100.4° or who during their shift begins experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 cannot work and needs to stay home.

2) Sick Employee Policy: Sick Team Members will not be allowed to prepare, handle or deliver any food until they are cleared by a doctor.

3) Glove Use: Team Members must wear gloves. Glove use has been expanded to all line operational positions including the Cashier position.

4) Mask / Face Covering Use: Masks are required to be worn at all times by Team Members in the restaurant. Where and for so long as required by local or state governments, guests are required to wear masks in the restaurant as well. For guests only, a face covering can include holding a something, such as a shirt collar, over one’s nose and mouth.

5) Emphasis on Hand Washing: We have built upon existing procedures to further strengthen our already rigorous approach. 

6) Sanitization Practices: Regular sanitation of all surfaces is required every hour. In addition, regular sanitation such as wiping down tables, door handles, counters, soda machine, phone, etc. will continue between the hourly sanitation of all surfaces.

7) Self-Serve Items Removed: All bottled beverages, utensils, cups, condiments, etc. will be behind the counter and available upon request.

8) Social Distancing Reminders: Floor stickers have been installed six feet apart to remind guests of social distancing and to give them visual cues on where to stand while in line. Stools and chairs are set up sparsely to encourage proper social distancing for guests dining in the restaurant.

9) Curbside Pickup: This has been added as an option at each restaurant to minimize contact between guests and team members.

10) Hand Sanitizer Stations: These have been added close to the entrance of each restaurant to promote guest hygiene.

11) Bathrooms: While in-restaurant dining is limited, we will only use one restroom to minimize areas that need to be cleaned and sanitized frequently for protection.

12) Menus: Until further notice, all hand-held menus are single use only and not saved for use with another guest. You may view or download our menu online to avoid waste.