Stockyard Snap Wrap

Stockyard Snap Wrap

Marinated beef tenderloin, sauteed mushrooms & onion, Monterey Jack cheese, arugula, and tomato wrapped in an oversized whole-wheat tortilla. With


Santa Fe Chicken Snap Wrap®

Guest Favorite! Chipotle chicken salad, red leaf lettuce, pecan, Monterey Jack, & tomato in an oversized tomato basil tortilla. Served with tortil

Chisos Chicken Snap Wrap

Chisos Chicken Snap Wrap

Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, red onion, pepper jack cheese, cilantro, and romaine in an 1i oversized whole-wheat tortilla. With sweet potato chips

Choose Two from Soup, Salad, Wrap

Choose Two

Can’t decide between a salad or soup, baked potato or a wrap? Why not get both? Pick 2: Mini Snap (lettuce + 3 additions), Housemade...


Housemade Soup

Our soups are housemade with a recipe of love and experience. Ask for a sample.

Snappy Salads Baked Potato

Oversized Baked Potato

One pound gargantuan. w/butter, bacon, cheddar, sour cream, and green onion.

Snappy Salads Daily Breads

Daily Bread

The humble piece of bread. I hear all the time, “Oh, no thanks, I’m watching my carbs” when we offer a piece of warm bread...


Yummy Lemon Cookie

A delightful and fresh way to cure your sweet tooth.

Snappy Salads Fountain Drinks

Fountain Beverages

Our locally sourced craft sodas hit the spot on a warm summer day or any day. We offer an array of flavors. Don’t be shy,...

Commitment Water 2

Commitment Water

Snappy Salads is committed to leaving the world better than the way we found it. That’s why we’ve sourced the most environmentally friendly bottle

Organic Black Iced Tea

Organic Black Iced Tea

This Fair Trade tea is the best tea I have ever tasted. It costs a premium, but I know it’s worth it.

Snappy Salads Menu

Menu Salads

Snappy Salads offers a variety of menu salads, like Grilled Avocado, our #1 seller, Snap Wraps, housemade soups, one-pound loaded baked potatoes, our

Snappy Salads Delivery Menu

Catering Menu

Tired of the same old same old catering options? Dull, limp, uninspired sandwiches thrown together, Snappy Salads is here to get you out of your...

Snappy Salads Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

We always think health first. Click below to view our nutritional information to help you make smart choices.