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Snappy Salads Sauteed Salmon

Sautéed Salmon

Artisan mix, red cabbage, grilled pineapple, carrot, red bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, and our housemade Ginger Vinaigrette, sautéed Sockeye salmon (served hot), and maple glaze.

The Story

I wanted to create an Asian-inspired salad that showcased our Sockeye Salmon (line caught in the wild) as well as our finesse in the kitchen. We perfectly sauté salmon to order and place it on top of a delicate salad dressed with handcrafted Ginger Vinaigrette. It’s made even more spectacular when we add grilled pineapple and drizzle the salmon with maple glaze to provide this salad with the burst of flavors that I require in a Menu Salad.