Real Dill Sockeye Salmon Salad

Real Dill Sockeye Salmon

The Real Dill Sockeye Salmon salad comes with a generous piece of sautéed-to-order wild-caught sockeye salmon, artisan lettuce, spinach, pickled onions, carrot, potato spirals dusted with dill salt, crispy capers, and our new Caper-Dill dressing.

The Story

This salad replaced our Sautéed Salmon Salad which was really good – but this salad is even better.  Salmon and dill are just a natural combination that is the foundation of this salad.  Late one night on TV I saw this Spiralizer and it inspired me to use this technique for the potatoes that top this salad giving it a “wow” factor that can only be pulled off where kitchens are the backbone of the restaurant.  The textures, flavors, and visual aspects of this salad make it a show stopper.