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Crispy Artichoke

Red leaf, romaine, fresh basil, green onion, roasted red pepper, cucumber, crumbled goat cheese, Niçoise olive, our hand-squeezed Lemon, lightly fried artichoke hearts with basil pesto.

The Story

I love this salad! Goat cheese, red peppers, Lemon Vinaigrette (yes, it is fresh-squeezed lemon juice), and the Niçoise olives make this the perfect combination of flavors. I love goat cheese but it can quickly overpower a dish if you don’t balance it with other bold flavors. Sometimes I don’t want meat on my salad, but I do like to bite into something every now and then. To accomplish that, I breaded artichokes hearts and gently fried them, placed them on top and finished this “Bad A– salad” with a hand-made basil pesto. I have a hard time not ordering this salad every time.