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Cobb Salad

Our Cobb salad is just as it was created over 80 years ago. Iceberg, romaine, tomato, egg, bacon, green onion, gorgonzola, mesquite-grilled all natural chicken, avocado, and the Original Brown Derby Cobb dressing.

The Story

This is the story I heard about the original Cobb Salad: Late one night in 1937, Robert (Bob) H. Cobb was hungry and rummaged through his restaurant’s refrigerator for something to eat. He pulled out a head of lettuce, an avocado, watercress, tomatoes, cold grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, green onions, and cheese. He started chopping. Added some crisp bacon, and used their “French” dressing for this late-night snack.

Sid Grauman, who was with Cobb that midnight, came in the next day and asked for a “Cobb Salad.” It was put on the menu and became an overnight sensation with Derby customers. Our Cobb Salad is an almost exact replica of this legendary creation. Our Brown Derby Cobb dressing is perfect on this salad and any other of your favorite salads.

It’s as close to the original as possible. Only two things are different: I mix all the ingredients together, and I don’t put watercress on it. Other than that, it’s exactly the same as when it was created in 1937 at The Brown Derby in LA. Lots of restaurants have made their own version through the years, but, in my humble opinion, you can’t improve upon the perfection of the original.

I know that I’m not supposed to say that I have a favorite, but I can’t help but promote The Original Brown Derby Cobb dressing. Why? Well because it brings out the flavor of the ingredients instead of adding another flavor. Sure, there are times when you want another flavor layer, but it’s such a clean, lower fat, lower sodium, lower carbohydrate, dressing that it just might be considered a miracle.