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Snappy Salads BAM BAM

Baby spinach, baby arugula, artisan mix, red cabbage, quinoa, red onion, pulled chicken, dried cherry, chopped almond, and our housemade Sweet Parsley Dressing.

The Story:

Sometimes a special featured salad gets asked for so often, it would be crazy not to give it a spot on the menu. That’s the story with the Bam-Bam. This salad packs in the nutrients with super foods galore. It starts with vitamin- and mineral-rich spinach, arugula, and cabbage

This nutrient-dense salad started out as a featured salad but quickly gained such a following that I had to put it on the menu or risk upsetting a lot of
guests. I created this salad with super foods in mind. Super foods are items that pack a powerful punch (like the little kid on The Flintstones) of
antioxidants, minerals and other beneficial nutrients. Everything from the base of spinach, arugula, and cabbage to the quinoa, almonds, dried
cherries, and parsley in the sweet parsley dressing are designed to make your feel body feel good after eating this salad.