Grilled Chicken Caesar Flat Bread

I took my Creamy Chicken Caesar Salad off my menu years

Snappy Salads Roasted Grape Flatbread

Roasted Grape & Gorgonzola

Don’t let this description scare you away! The sweetn


Charred Red & Yellow Pepper with Ricotta

This flat bread is busting with flavor. The slightly ch

Snappy Salads Mediterranean Flatbread


OK, I admit it. I kind of failed on the name for this o

Snappy Salads Steak Wrap

Grilled Steak Snap Wrap®

Grilled steak, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, M


Santa Fe Chicken Snap Wrap®

Santa Fe Chicken Salad, pecan, tomato, Monterey jack, r

Snappy Salads Baked Potato

Oversized Baked Potato

With butter, bacon, cheddar, sour cream, and green onio

Snappy Salads Daily Breads

Daily Bread

The humble piece of bread. I hear all the time, “Oh,


Housemade Soup

Please, oh please ask for a sample of soup the next tim


Yummy Lemon Cookie

A delightful and fresh way to cure your sweet tooth.

Snappy Salads Peppadews

Herbed Goat Cheese-Stuffed Peppadews

A sweet and spicy lil’ bite that will awaken your mou

Snappy Salads Greek

Crispy Artichoke Hearts

Hand-breaded artichokes lightly fried until crisp and s


Fountain Beverages

Hits the spot on a warm summer day. We offer an array

Snappy Commitment Water

Commitment Water

Snappy Salads is committed to leaving the world better

Snappy Salads Organic Black Iced Tea

Organic Black Iced Tea

This Fair Trade tea is the best tea I have ever tasted.

Snappy Salads Menu

Menu Salads

Download our handy menu, so you always have it by your

Snappy Salads Delivery Menu

Delivery Menu

Tired of the same old same old catering options? Dull,

Snappy Salads Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

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